Final Resting Place©

A spot just perfect

Sitting on a hill

So I can watch over all those I came to love

A view of the skyline

Surrounded by a lively garden

Only the sound of the birds and insects

And the voices of my visitors

I will remain here silently

Watching you

Remembering you

As you honor me

and remember me

As you have pride in me

I have pride in you

I hope I’ve left a mark

Both in your heart and on your heart

My only hope is that years from now

All I’ve done

And all I was

Will carry on

And inspire others

To continue

What I can no longer do

While I lay here

In my final resting place


Final Resting Place©

was written in memory of the late and great Nelson Mandela

There is no way to capture all that he was, all that he did and all that he leaves behind

I am however certain, that no matter where he is, he will always know that he was loved and admired by many.

Carry on Nelson Mandela. You will be forever a part of us all.

Written by Felina Silver Robinson on December 10, 2013

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