A Letter to our new President Elect: Donald Trump. Congratulations!

Dear President Elect: Donald Trump,

As a proud American Citizen, I congratulate you on winning the election as the 45th President of the United States. There are many of us who thought we would see the 1st woman elected as president this election day. But you surprised us. We are all hopeful that you are indeed a man of your word and will work with all those necessary to truly “Make America Great Again.” Unfortunately, there will be some Americans who will see fit to leave for higher ground. Some will choose to stay tight lipped and hold their anger and doubt inside. I along with many others choose to believe we will all prevail in the end.

For years I was a single mother. I worked multiple jobs while attending classes doing all I could do to give my children everything they needed.  Thanks to my step-father for stepping up and being the man I needed him to be. He along with my mother gave me the strength I needed to mold my children into people I hope will someday make a difference in the country we know as our home.

Moving forward, people will expect to see change and hold their President and his colleagues to each and every promise. Hopefully, Democrats and Republicans alike will pull together to focus on all the tasks at hand. We need to find away to bring comfort to those who worry about what’s to come. First things first, the economy needs to be stabilized.  Investors need reassurance that we present a united front.  Everyone needs to know that despite the changes ahead the country will be stable, strong and vibrant.  Success comes with hard work, understanding, and a sense of community and belonging. “Great things come to those who wait.”

I may have wanted a different outcome yesterday, but now I lay my trust in President Elect: Donald Trump to move us forward into 2017.  Godspeed.

Respectfully submitted

Felina Silver Robinson 

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