Why Must You Follow Me© 

ghost in the bathroom

Why Must You Follow Me©

Copyright 2013

By Felina Silver Robinson

Why must you follow me?

This morning I finished my shower

As I dried my legs upon the rim of the bath tub

I saw the shower curtain moving as if the window was ajar

But of course the window was sealed shut

I slowly moved the curtain

Of course I saw nothing

Again the curtain moved

But this time the room had a chill

and the chill got colder

I called asking “who’s here, how can I help you”

Of course no one answered

But then something fell from the shower wall

The bang was so loud I jumped

I wanted nothing more but to leave the room

But something made me stay

What it was I do not know

But with the next even louder bangs

I knew this time was it

I was out of there

I grabbed my clothes and ran

Ran into another room

Any other room was better than that one

Where the sounds hopefully wouldn’t follow me

Suddenly I’m free

No longer followed by the noise

That wouldn’t explain why it had to follow me

Leaving my stirred and somewhat shaken

Throughout the remainder of my day

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