Winning – Should it matter so much to win?©


Winning – Should it matter so much to win?©

Copyright 2013

By Felina Silver Robinson

When you train so hard
So hard that every bone in your body feels weak and broken
When you work so long and hard that you almost forget
the names of those that you hold most dear to you
You have to know and feel that the sacrifices you’ve been making are for something
That you’ve been working towards all along
And that the goal is not just for you,
it’s for all those you work with, all those you love
Who have also sacrificed a lot right there alongside of you
So as the sweat is dripping off your forehead
and the cold night air is at your back
There’s no time left to wonder how, when or why
Because you have got the big ball and
With all the strength and force you can muster
You have to send that ball past the bleachers
Eying the darkened night sky as the pall passes by
You’ve finished getting all your opponents out
and the points are all on your side
When you hear the crowd roaring so loud you know you’ve done it
There is no greater moment when you know you’ve won
and crowd is going wild just for you
Then you finally walk across the threshold of your house
and your wife and children stand proudly before you
With nothing but smiles and hugs
No words are necessary
for you tell yourself
There just isn’t anything better than this
And all just because you’ve won!

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