My Shrine on the Corner Wall©

My Shrine on the Corner Wall©

Copyright 2016

By Felina Silver Robinson

I picture my happiness at the end of a long day sitting in my chair scrunched down with my feet on an ottoman waiting for my cup of tea as dinner cooks in the background made by my loving family. I picture happiness on the walls around me that capture the years both past and present filled with joyful outbursts, special occasions, children’s plays and all of their achievements. On a corner wall fully lit by the sun of the day is a shrine to those who’ve come and gone but whom we chosen not to forget. Without all of this, there would be no measure to my happiness. I would linger aimlessly through time without all that has held me together. I know one day my shrine will rest on a corner wall brightly lit by the sun of the day. Until such time, I will work hard to capture each memory that will encapsulate all of my joy. This is what I worked for, this has been my true purpose. To bring love and happiness to all of whom I love.

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