I’m Gone© – My Poem of the Day (01/17/16)

I’m Gone©

Copyright 2016

By Felina Silver Robinson

You give me just enough to keep me holding on

But not enough to make me happy

When alone my heart is longing for something greater than it knows

But the answers have already been given

My eyes are just too blind to see

All the lying and the cheating has yet to get back to me

So I keep on believing that your love is true

Until I see her walk through my door
Then it hits me like a ton of bricks
Every lie
Every broken promise
Every late night
Every random hair
Every gift not meant for me
Comes flooding back
When I see you both
Standing at my door
There’s almost nothing I can do
To hold back the desire to inflict my wrath upon you two
Just so I can finally be through
But I wonder deep down if you really knew just what she does
When you’re absent
And if you still keep her around once she was found to have hurt you
But I remember with cheer
That I won’t be there
To hold your cheating hand
Because I’ve now found
Someone around that adores me
So you watch my dust as I walk quickly past
Every memory before me
I leave them behind with each moment in time
That you once controlled me

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