Opinion: Response to AT&T Bringing Back Data Plans

No DirecTv for Me, Thanks But No Thanks

By Felina Silver Robinson

My husband asked me if I had heard that AT&T was bringing back its former unlimited data plans. I replied no but indicated that I was curious to see just how they planned to do it.  Anything AT&T comes at a price. I’ve learned this the hard way.

A few years back I updated my phone, the customer representative at the Coolidge Corner branch was quite nice and seemingly helpful. I later learned that he helped me right out of my then unlimited data plan. He explained after the fact that changes had been made, any new phone purchases or upgraded phones would lose their unlimited data plans as you had to sign new contracts. This was of course unfair. Any pre-existing customers should have been grandfathered in and able to keep their plans.  It would make sense that any new customers would lose out on the plan.  But no, it seems to be AT&T’s make up to take the things away from their customers that drew them in then offer it back to them only if they’re willing to take on something they don’t really want.

I am not now, nor have I ever been and I’m certainly not intending upon signing up for DirecTv. I’m certain that fans of DirecTv are quite happy, but forcing other customers to take on services that they are not interested in to obtain something they use to have is unfathomable.

What is going through the heads of AT&T’s decision makers? I could list other occurrences where services or products have been misrepresented and I’ve been locked into something I didn’t want, but just didn’t have the time or patience to do anything about. But the reality is, I would probably end up worse off than I started, so I stay with them at this point because they are better than the alternative.

This is certainly not the ideal way for any customer to feel about services they are provided. So much for making their customers happy!

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