Freedom of Choice©

Uncertain if we are able to cast about our feelings without fear or shame rolling off our backs. Peering eyes always prejudging our every move. Expecting us to cast a vote in their every direction for every movement they’re about. You have no choice of you’re own not even who you are about. What was that FREEDOM of Choice that keeps dancing about in my head? or was that just some kind of DREAM?

Finally, fed up living other peoples lives, in fact, been fed up for years, but I’ve been hiding inside of a shell of fear and shame that society created for me. But no more. casting it aside and standing on my own two feet, making decisions for myself and society can piggy back off of me for a change, if they so desire or not. Besides, The most important choice was already made. Thank goodness we can all see where that got us and we are all better for it.

I have a dream…of putting hope and inspiration into the minds of those who were without it. To make those who didn’t believe in themselves believe that they, along with each and every one of us are worth something. We are all worth everything. Every bit of effort there is to fight for something. If there is a reason, we are that reason! If you don’t believe, than you need to dig deeper. Think about those that love you, think about those that you love. Think about life itself, as there is only one life and it’s yours to live!

The Freedom of Choice©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© January 2021

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