Tea, Words & COVID-19©

Photo from the Asia Society

This morning I fed you words for breakfast. You spat out the ones you couldn’t pronounce asking why they were so large and overbearing. You accused me of being the same. I laughed as your fear spilt into my cup of tea, which now tasted salty instead of the sweet peach I had come to enjoy. Beads of perspiration slowly started to gather in the creases of your forehead as my eyes 👀 gave you the once over, concerned now that you might be carrying the dreaded COVID-19. Your own words held you hostage as you struggled to defend yourself, from what I don’t know. Temporary misplaced fear imbedded in my brain by societies ignorance? I quickly apologize and extend my hand offering a towel to wipe away the perspiration. You gracefully give thanks, we exchange awkward pleasantries finding ourselves trapped in our own words. You hastily say your goodbyes and exit the room quicker than you came. Unfortunately, we are stuck together until the end of COVID-19, so there’s no hiding behind shame, ignorance or fear.

Tea, Words & COVID-19©

Copyright© April 8, 2020

By Felina Silver Robinson


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