6 Feet of Separation Continues©

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Twenty-Four Days in a row I’ve visited my daughter at Children’s Hospital. In the beginning, the waiting rooms and lobby areas were crowded. Today, they are just as scares as the lines at the hospital run Starbucks. Everyone is wearing masks and gloves. You can only gain entrance after answering no to a series of questions. If you answers yes to any of them, you have to step over to another table for further screening. Thankfully, I’ve been practicing social distancing and have not needed any additional screening. Reaching the elevator I pray no one else wants to enter or gets on another floor. Most often my wish is granted. When it’s not the case, I moved promptly to the back of the elevator. In my mind I justify my movements saying, “I don’t know where they’ve been”. Reaching my floor, the corridor is as usually empty. Everyone on the unit has masks except the patients. I don’t quite understand that. Grateful that tonight is her last night in that place and I don’t have to worry that she might be plagued with the sickness that’s taunting us all. Some seem to beg for its overtaking by licking the walls of the MBTA vehicles. Is this what people are being driven to? Is this fear taking over? or just one random persons psychosis?

Walking the streets 6 feet apart unless you share the same household. Shopping lines separated by 5 feet. No playground structures. But online schooling is now a state-wide, world-wide thing. Teleconferencing has become a new household word. Porch sings are happening everywhere including on our block (weather permitting) nightly at 6 or 6:15 pm. Birthday’s are recognized via neighborhood parade or during a porch sing. That’s quite a memory.

The sadness of this pandemic is the fact that there will be no proms, or high school graduations, or college tours unless they are somehow virtually held. Social distancing has caused added anxiety for those that actually need to be among others to feel whole. Thank goodness for Face-time, Zoom Conferencing, Snap Chat, and Messenger, etc. for those willing and able to use them. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to these apps, so some will go without the ability to connect or stay connected. There are those out there that are finding ways to be inventive, such as knocking on first floor windows and playing games on the glass. Having conversations over speaker systems.

Thanks to all of those individuals and families that are hand-making masks for healthcare workers and first respondents. Thank you to all individuals and organizations working to ensure aid to those who need it. Thank you to our President, Governors, Mayors, and all those in public office that are doing their part to ensure our health, safety, and financial security during these tumultuous times.

6 Feet of Separation Continues©

Copyright© March 29, 2020

By Felina Silver Robinson

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