COVID-19 Took Away Our Freedom©

COVID-19 came storming into our lives. Its not here to hold your hand or be your friend. Its taking lives and changing the lives of its survivors. No touching surfaces, wipe things down before and after use, no eating in restaurants, no bars, no museums, theaters or sporting events. Construction is halted. Shortened business hours. Empty store shelves. Panic, but don’t panic.

Keep your mouth covered. Wash your hands. Use plenty of hand sanitizer. Find comfort and safety in social distancing. No socializing in groups bigger than 10. Our lives depend on it.

Virtual meetings and classrooms. Social media will become our new best friends. Don’t forget Face-Time do you remember what everyone looks like.

Keep your spirits up. Religious leaders have moved everything to online use. You can still find virtual comfort and support.

Healthcare workers are offering virtual online appointments. Hospitals are waiving fees associated with the service. Online therapy sessions are also now a thing.

If nothing else, COVID-19 is teaching us that adapting to change is a must. There is no hiding behind what was, we have to be prepared for what is!

COVID-19 Took Away Our Freedom©

Copyright© 03/16/2020

By Felina Silver Robinson

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