Journey Back In Time©

Photo from Pinrest

Take my hand and we will journey back in time to days before my innocence was stolen. Stolen by those that just had to control me.

Is there really such a thing as carefree youthful days? I think it’s just an idea, a hope, a dream we all have.

From the moment we are born, we start living  someone else’s story. We have glimpses of hope for our own best future, but in the end, we’ve lived a life meant for another.

Sand castles, tunnels and jungle gyms in the summer. Snow angels, ice skating, sledding and days off in the winter time. These are fond memories made through me for another to say what they gave me. But only I know what was missing in my life. Onlookers assume they know or are too afraid to get involved to tell what they know. The system in place meant to protect children can be bought of with a smile, charm and baked goods, stealing a child’s innocence and chance for a lie of their own.

Can you feel my broken lonely heart that yearns for a life of its own, memories capture for itself ? Take my hand and we will journey back in time.

Journey Back In Time©

Copyright© 2019

By Felina Silver Robinson

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