Him, Not Me©

Photo from Washington Post – Ken Burns’s ‘Country Music’

For just a moment, I thought the crowd was here for me. They were all looking in my direction. Eyes wide, eagerly hanging at the ends of their seats. Screams rattling windows blocks away. What was I thinking? Imagining? hoping, that someone would want to hear from a little old storyteller like me? Coming up on my right was one of today’s up and coming country artists, just passing through he yells out to his adoring fans. I was no longer the center of attraction, if I ever even was. Lucky for me, I don’t live for the attention, I live to tell the story. I’ll wait for the moment that eager eyes are upon me, hanging off their seats. Until then, my stories will hold me. I will become something I never thought I would be, whole!

Him, Not Me©

Copyright 2019

By Felina Silver Robinson

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