Spousal Verbal Cat Fights and Childlike Responses on This Season of Married at First Sight (Season 9 on Lifetime TV)

I don’t think I’ve ever been more confused about a season than I am of this one. When the season first started, I was never more hopeful for as season than I was for this one. Each couple seemed so perfectly matched. But as each week passed, behaviors and idiosyncrasies started to reveal themselves. The most concerning couple is Elizabeth and Jamie.

It’s obvious that none of these couples knew anything about each other prior to getting hitched. Anyone watching has seen that they have come to learn more about one another as the weeks have passed. With help from the doctors and their exercises the couples have etched closer to resembling real married couples with history behind them.

What has become difficult for me to watch is Jamie as he takes hold of everything he has learned about Elizabeth’s pain and turns it into ammunition for future arguments. Jamie always appears sincere while Elizabeth retells her past. However, whenever Jamie feels that Elizabeth does something wrong, Jamie attacks her with her past, smiling while he watches Elizabeth’s body tense up and her eyes streaming with tears. Other times, among the other couples, Jamie will speak to Elizabeth inappropriately and feel no remorse for it. He’s told her that she “talks too much” and to “shut up.” Elizabeth acts out emotionally, returning his horrible words with her desire not to participate in the events. Jamie angry that Elizabeth doesn’t care that she might be ruining everyone else’s day.

The doctors repeatedly told Jamie and Elizabeth not to use divorce as a weapon when fighting, but this was not something Jamie respected. Every time Jamie got angry; he would find a way to throw the divorce word into the conversation. That’s unacceptable. While Elizabeth hasn’t been completely blameless in the relationship, many events have started with Jamie and his word flinging. He as a temper on him that I know I could never live with that behavior daily.

Matthew and Amber might appear an odd couple with Matthew towering over Amber, but they had instant physical chemistry. The question and continuing problem have been, can they make it as a married couple. Matthew is so used to being single that he has forgotten that he is now married to someone that would do anything for him. Amber lets Matthew get away with too much and she must find a way to change that as she will surely live to regret it. A man that is given too much space gets comfortable then feels there is no reason to go back to the way things have once been making it too hard to recapture what use to be.

The show should have some sort of safeguard once the cameras are off from so the couples can’t just give the appearance that they are a unit, but only when the cameras are on. If this was in place, Matthew wouldn’t have been able to spend more time with his buddies than his new wife.

Hopefully, the love Matthew and Amber profess to have for one another is true and they will be able to hold their marriage together as I feel they can be an amazing couple.
Gregory and Deonna appear to be the most perfectly matched couple. Both have some things to overcome, Deonna maybe more so than Gregory as she seems to be fighting to have her voice heard. Gregory has a habit of speaking over Deonna. I don’t believe it is intentional, but it upsets Deonna. This couple seems to have a strong ability to come back quickly from their disagreements and that’s a good sign.

Both Gregory and Deonna appear to work hard to please one another and that is certainly key to making any relationship work.

Keith and Iris are an attractive couple. Keith has been patiently waiting for his wife to assert some sensuality into their relationship. It took the help and suggestions of Dr Viviana Coles to help Iris find what she was comfortable doing to help Keith feel that she may have the ability to move forward sexually with their relationship. In the meantime, it appears that Iris remains somewhat juvenile in her behaviors with Keith. Some of Iris’ responses to exercises and questions seem quite immature. Leaving me to wonder what it will take to get her to where Keith needs her to be as his wife. Can’t say that I can see the change coming soon enough here.

This is not to say that Keith and Iris are not cute together because they are. They have been supportive to one another in good times and bad which is important in marriage. They don’t really fight or argue which is quite refreshing.

Only time will tell how Married at First Sight Season 9 turns out. I will keep watching until then. Tune into Lifetime TV Wednesday nights at 8 pm E.T. for more on these couples.

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