A Little Piece of Heaven©

Photo Titled as Poem A Little Piece of Heaven© taken by Felina Silver Robinson In Vermont while on vacation. This

A little piece of heaven does not have to be the spot you hope is reserved for you when you are gone on earth. A piece of heaven is

The moment in the day meant just for you and your thoughts

The first car you ever paid for

The wedded bliss you thought you’d only dream about

The hug you’ve been waiting for from the one(s) you love most

The best meal you ever sunk your teeth into

The first cry, laugh, step or word from your first born child

Having friends that you know would give up anything for you

Why settle for one slice of heaven? Don’t be greedy, with patience good things will come and your gifts may be bountiful.

A Little Piece of Heaven©

Copyright© 2019

By Felina Silver Robinson

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