Why must race always be a problem?©

I have the following to say in response to this video:

Race related video

I’ve always said, known and believed that each person has their own thoughts and beliefs. I was fortunate to be born with brown skin. A mix of African American, Native American and more. Raised by my Native American mother and the most amazing white, polish stepfather. To me he was always my dad. Stepfather is just a label assigned. Yes, people assumed things about me, but I’ve always hoped that they saw me for who I really am and not my skin color. I married an exceptional white man who’s helped raise children that were not his own but you would never know the difference so you see, each person truly does have their own thoughts and are free to make their own choices. I hope we can all learn, if not already known to treat each other as equals. We were all put here on this earth to coexist without terror or anger in our hearts. It takes more energy to be angry.

Why must race always be a problem?©

Copyright© 2019

By Felina Silver Robinson

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