Slowly Slipping Away©

Slowly slipping away. Each moment of every day I see you. I see you as you use to be. I see you as you are and I see you as I wish you were. I see you slowly slipping away.

Memories come and go. Conversations start and abruptly end. A blank stare leaves me in tears knowing that you are again, slowly slipping away.

Four walls are all you see, all you know, all you want to know. Fear is on the other side. Though the other side is freedom. The otherside is life. But the bed that holds you is the only home you want, the only home you know and trust. I find you slowly slipping away.

Each time I see you, you smile, you laugh, you cry, you remember, you don’t remember, I cry, I say I love you and goodbye. You smile and say goodbye. Waiting for the next time I come sit by your side grateful for each moment you remember me.

Slowly Slipping Away©


By Felina Silver Robinson

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