Ugly with Beautiful Souls© – Felina’s Thought of the Day

Some may never have beauty on the outside. It doesn’t matter. What we are on the inside is what matters. Sometimes, external features can be mistaken for who we really are. Sometimes we may be seen only as the brains of the group, while another may be a numbskull. All hearts mean well but many of us struggle with the perception that we need to look good. This makes us judge ourselves, especially if our outer selves are not so attractive. Sometimes we wonder why we’re are all so different. It’s hoped that the warm hearted people will eventually wash out the mean hearted people. Strip away the beauty you think you have on the outside and return to the pureness of your true self.

Blake Shelton’s song “Wallflower and Weeds” from the “Ugly Dolls” movie says it all.

Ugly with Beautiful Souls©

Copyright© 2019

By Felina Silver Robinson

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