Poetry – The Voice of Autism (Through a Mother’s Eyes): The Good and The Bad©

The Good and The Bad

I wake up dreading the day

not knowing what will come my way?

Will I face anger?

Will I face hate

followed by an immediate apology

with words of love?

Will all my prize possessions

be smashed to the floor

with words of denial

while she vents her frustrations?

Will she do it because she knows

what they mean to me?

Will she laugh at me and make me cry

because she wants me to know what she

goes through every day?

My sweet angel, I do understand

We plan for good things

but end up with bad things

A bad nights sleep

can alter the day

One slip of the tongue

and she runs out the door,

don’t worry though because she won’t go far

Smooth calm and gentle words

makes for a productive day

When she does well

A reward goes a long way

Always remember your good day

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