A Grateful Thanksgiving©

On December 21, 2018 my mom survived a stroke. Although she can’t walk, she still carries a smile a mile long. She laughs at your jokes while sharing some of her own. She still gives her opinion whether you like it or not, but you always later find that the opinion was good hidden advice. The stroke may have taken something from her but it has also shown her just how much she’s loved and admired by those around her. Most importantly it has shown her that she’s even stronger than she ever realized.

It’s important to remember not just on days like Thanksgiving, that those you love don’t leave this world the same as they came into it. Life happens and some of us remember most things while others remember very little. Enjoy loved ones while you can and don’t let small things take away what could have been.

Today, I’m grateful for my family and for all of those who help me and my loved ones live our lives. What are you grateful for?

A Grateful Thanksgiving ©🙏

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright 2018

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