Everyone Has A Bully©

Everyone Has A Bully©

Copyright 2014

by Felina Silver Robinson

Sometimes you make enemies

Most often you’ve done nothing to make them

There are people who are born angry

Their anger causes them to hunt down the innocent

Most often the innocent don’t suspect a thing

Sometimes they see it coming but are powerless to stop it

There are some that believe that you can stop anything before it happens

Until you have been in the unlucky spot on the receiving end

You have no right to an opinion

Like any attack

Being bullied paralyzes you

You’re in shock and denial of what’s happening

You’re angry because you feel you should have been able to break free

Bullies live off the adrenalin of their own anger

They are more powerful than people give them credit for

The only way to beat them is to get angry back at them, but without the violence

You decide you’re not going to allow the behavior again

Waking up your own adrenaline which will offer you the strength to fight for yourself

Involve those around you

Don’t let your bully hold you hostage

The more people who know about your bully

The harder it will be for them to exist

Everyone has a bully but it doesn’t mean they have to keep them

Don’t turn your back on someone who needs you

If you see a bully bullying take action and say something by taking action

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