Today I Miss…©

Today I miss my mother’s voice telling me to clean my room, to go to the store, it’s time for school. I miss her calling me for dinner, her asking me to watch my sister while she goes to deliver papers from my old paper route. Today, I especially miss when my mom use to hear a song that she liked and would run into the living room where me and my sister were dancing and she would start dancing. The happiness that would come over her face is a look that I can still see every time I recall the moment. I see every crease, of every little wrinkle, the curve of her smile, the twinkle of her eye. She appears lost in the moment, sent back to or from a happier time that she doesn’t want to escape. If her memories of yesterday could only replace her realities of today, the bed she now calls home would be the dance partner she always wanted. The off white walls that she stares into, would be the clouds up in the heavens that will come to watch over her. Today I miss my mother’s voice telling me to find the best in everyone, to do the best you can, to let tomorrow lead you away from today, and leave behind all that you can’t take with you.

Today I Miss…©

By Felina Silver Robison

Copyright 2018

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