Judgement, It Cuts Like A Knife©

I’ve thought about every judgement someone has ever passed on me. I realized that the judgements that hurt the most are the ones that come from people who are supposed to love you the most. Most often when being judged, those judging are suffering emotional distress for one reason or another. What they say is most often not, what they really feel or believe but they are powerless to stop themselves from saying it. Most would like to believe that we always say what we mean when we’re angry, when the truth really is that we say what someone else wants us to say. We think we’re speaking are own true unadulterated feelings when in fact, we’re saying something that someone else has said to us when they were angry and we hold onto their words for use when we’re angry about the very same thing. The sad truth of it is, the words that are said, end up doing more damage than was ever imagined. Unfortunately, once they slip through one’s tongue, they can’t be taken back. Forgiveness comes from those willing to be generous enough to give it, but it doesn’t mean the wounds will heal. These judgements are forever embedded in the memory of those being judged.

Judgement, It Cuts Like A Knife©

Copyright 2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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