My Fair Maiden©

I wait for me lady in the darkest corner of the well lit garden

If she is the lady I know her to be

She shall arrive at the strike of the 9th hour

With each part of her fair skinned flesh covered from top to bottom

I await the challenge to savor her welcoming innocence

I am the fortunate knight blessed with the honor of holding the key to her heart

I challenge the scoundrel who thinketh he’s man enough to steal me lady from me

I await his presence in the darkest corner of the well lit garden

At the strike of the 8th hour

May the better man rise upon the end of the battle

And hold the strength to take the hand of the beautiful fair maiden who holdeth my heart

I vow to fight to the death to prove my undying love for the

I trust that she too shall hold my heart between her bosom for an undying eternity

My Fair Maiden©

Copyright 2016, 2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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