The Reaper©

No space

No time

No light

Only darkness

Thoughts start to wander about inside your head

Some good

Some bad

Time heals most wounds

Just not all wounds

When pain gets too bad

With thoughts of change

Decisions, decision, decisions

No more

Your time is up

Our deal is done

You missed your goal

You only get so many chances

Now luck has run out for you

It’s time to give up your soul

It’s best not to put up a fight

Because either way

You’ve lost the fight

No matter what you do

No matter where you go

I’ll be at every turn

So say your goodbyes

And come my way

Come easily

And I’ll make your stay

As pleasant as possible

Just wait and see

You’ve got all that’s coming to you

and more!

The Reaper©

Copyright 2014, 2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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