A Lonely Eternity©

My eyes may be closed and
I may look like I’m sleeping
But truly I’m wide awake
Trapped inside myself
Watching all that goes on without me
I can see you, but you don’t see me
I’m laughing and I’m crying but you can’t hear me
I’m dancing, almost flying
But you won’t dance with me nor fly with me
Everyone gathers around the shell of me
Crying so hard and asking me why I left them
I don’t understand because nothings changed for me
Except no one sees or hears me
In fact, they can’t even feel me
Wont someone come and save me
Or am I to be stuck here for an eternity
In a place where no one hears or feels me

A Lonely Eternity©

Copyright 2016, 2018

by Felina Silver Robinson

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