The Words That Shape Me©

When I hear the words “I love you”

I feel loved

When I hear the words “I hate you”

I feel hated

Both words drive people to do some of the craziest things in the world

Some good, some bad, some absolutely amazing

The words that bother me the most are

I can’t

In my mind



Is possible

If you want something

Bad enough

So bad that you can taste it,

I believe there has to be

An honest way

To make it


Words should never stop you

From getting what you want

The word I favor the most is,


When I think of all my role models through the years

I can still say that my 6th grade

Teacher, Nona Bock,

Inspired me the most.

She is the one that inspired me to put

Pen to Paper©

I will never forget her gentle sternness

She brought out the best in the worst of students

And helped each student reach their full potential


With just the power of her words


Her patience


They shape you


Can also define you

Always choose the rights ones


You will go far

The Words That Shape Me©

Copyright 2015, 2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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