The Stranger Is The Man No One Knows©

The man that he is

Is not the man who you know

He spins tall tales and puts on a show

He has to keep you listening

For if you stop he has nothing left to do

His dreams become reality

He’s sailed many ships

He’s saved many a life

Just so he can take them

He’s donated lots of money

So he can come to own all that you desire

He’s eccentric in his ways

He’s traveled the world

Looking for his victims

He’s worn many faces

Which is why no one knows him

Far be it for me to mention

That he’s bent on destruction

For he thinks you are no longer listening

So he changes his face

And aimlessly awaits his next listener

I therefore recommend that you be on the look out for the man of many faces

It clearly won’t be easy

But if he finds you

He’ll most likely leave you begging

So I can only warn you of his twisted mind

Hope this warning gets to you in time

Don’t talk to strangers

Especially the man with many faces

The Stranger Is The Man No One Knows©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson

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