The Road to Life©

Born into the world of unknown
We first see the face of the person that carried us for 9 months
Tears of joy, pain, and uncertainty lay upon her face
We are to young to know anything about those feelings
We are slapped on the bottom to bring on a cry to make sure that our lungs are working
We are looked over to ensure our good health
After a short spin in the hospital we are sent home with our new family
Each day for the rest of our lives, we will learn how to love, hate, exist, achieve, survive and move on
We will find inspiration and motivation from all those we see, know and love
We will try our best to thrive, to be happy, become someone and something that our family can be proud of
We will try our best to find love and have our own families to mold, to honor, to be proud of
We will do our best to be all that we can be and make the most of the life that was given us

The Road to Life©

Copyright 2013, 2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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