Why Do People Hurt The Ones They Love?©

Lashing out at loved ones

Somehow seems to soothe the pain

Maybe because it’s easier to hurt the ones you love

Because they won’t hurt you like a stranger or acquaintance would

But once you’ve hurt them

You will have to watch the aftermath of your affliction

You will see changes that you won’t be ready to face

There will be an unfamiliar awkwardness

Followed by a feeling of abandonment

Accompanied with lifeless kisses and hugs

The love you once knew has now gone missing

Because the key to your happiness is dead

You killed the feeling of love, trust and safety

Maybe if you’re lucky

When you wake up the next morning

This will all be just one bad dream

And you’ll be given a second chance

To make sure that you don’t hurt the ones you love

Why Do People Hurt The Ones They Love?©

Copyright 2015, 2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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