Different From Everyone Else©

I look over every inch of myself, my skin and its color, hair texture, hands and toes. I know that my complexion is brown, although some people prefer to refer to me as black. But when I here black, I think of a color, not a race which is how all the forms are worded that I fill out. There was a time when anyone that wasn’t white was considered black or Asian. Is this still true? I’m not sure.  I see things differently on paper, but when people speak, it all sounds the same to me. In person, hopefully you will notice and accept that I am indeed “Different From Everyone Else.”©  It would be nice not to have to worry about being and feeling judged by all. Do you ever walk down the street feeling like all eyes are on you and not because you are pretty or are sporting the best outfit of the day? How about walking into a store and everyone comes over to see if you need help, but not because they want to help, but because they are afraid you might steal something? So annoying. Much of the time, I turn around and walk away as I feel that someone who treats anyone that way, doesn’t deserve the business. No one should be punished because they look different from everyone else. Difference isn’t only defined by the color of one’s skin. Sometimes, it’s just about how someone appears.

Different From Everyone Else©

Copyright 2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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