Regretting My Broken-Hearted Self©

My deepest regret is the moment when I realized you no longer loved me. You no longer desire my presence by your side. I realize now, I live only in the darkest corners on this earth, with no sunlight, no warmth and no desire for life because you no longer exist to brighten my days. So, what am I to do now? Where do I go? What do I live for, Who now will pay attention to the love that’s gone missing from my heart? I can’t imagine what tomorrow might bring, I don’t know if even care. maybe if you were to return to my heart I could once again see a brighter tomorrow. Would you consider giving me one final chance at love? Or am I now doomed to be sad amongst all those brokenhearted held captive in the darkest of alleys, on the loneliest streets, on the longest of nights with dungeons as hearts. My dear, sweet forever love. I so hope that your heart can forgive mine and meet me back in the place that we once called ours, which was blissfulness.

Regretting my Broken-Hearted Self©

Copyright 2016-2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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