Until Next We Meet Again©

With her back to me with her mobile hand free, but not so free. She holds on tightly to her bed sheet, covering her bare body as the heat wraps itself in every nook and cranny of her skin. Discomfort and dementia are now the norm for this strong spirited woman who once completed crossword puzzles in record time and walked about town known and greeted by all with an admiration for all that’s been told to them. A simple tear rolls down her right cheek. She claims to be ok, but I know it’s a tear that remembers what is now lost to her. Knowing that my free moments have come and gone she prepares herself for my goodbye. I hate leaving her, but my family awaits. I kiss her tear stained cheek and give her a hug . She says her goodbyes and assures me she will be stronger the next time. Goodbye’s leave a bittersweet taste in both of our mouths. Her petite fades away quickly. Until next we meet to trade stories and reminisce.

Until Next We Meet©

Copyright 2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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