Will Power

Something I can have, but shouldn’t have. Something I can do, but shouldn’t do. I control the urge to have and control the urge not to do because I have something called “will power”. Everyone has it, but not everyone uses it. It’s not always a choice, as compulsive behavior isn’t always easy to control or ignore. But this is where will power steps in. I believe that will power is a want/need thing. You want something so bad that you can taste it. But you know it’s the last thing that you need, so there the battle begins. In my house, I surround myself with as many of the things that I shouldn’t have as possible. It’s funny, everyone else around me, digs in lacking a sense of control. Telling me how they shouldn’t be eating it but can’t stop themselves. I smile, but still maintain self control as they dig in, yet again. While I, just abstain.

Will Power©

Copyright 2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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