Why don’t they think to consider your feelings?

They stand before you, telling you of the changes

There before your friends and family

Right out in the open

Telling you that you’ve always been nothing

Wasting your time

You wonder where you’ve been

 How did you make it to this place?

Are your friends really your friends?

Are you really here in the present?

Maybe with some luck and hope

This has all been just one bad dream

 Why must I feel so much hurt and pain?

No on has the right to judge me

To tell me that I’m nothing

To beat me down

To shame me in front of those I love

Piecing myself back together

Brushing their words under the rug

Knowing that ever part of me matters

Forward is the direction I’m headed

Feelings in tact

Pride right alongside it

Feelings rule my heart

Feelings rule the world


Copyright 1998, 2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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