Time Lost©

Time Lost©

Copyright 1998, 2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

He tells me a story about seven years’ worth of pain

When she took his children away

How could she hurt him this way?

She said it was the drug abuse,

But he felt that she used that as an excuse to run and hide

Years later once the children have grown

She returns once his life has been slowly pieced back together

Sadly, no time can erase the pain he had to endure

Nor recapture the time lost watching his children grow

Further she stole away his right to be a father

When our lives are thrown about

We often lose control

When we lose control,

We lose the will to live

When we lose the will to live,

We think of doing things to end the pain

Luckily, there came a time when he woke up

And decided that his life was worth living

And no matter what the past was,

The past is the past and this is the future

For this is the time to live and the time to live is now

Never let anyone stop you from living

As you control the road you take

But our fate is out of our hands

Time Lost©

Copyright 1998, 2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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