My Little Boy Is Now A Man©

How proud I was to learn that I was having a baby boy.

Words cannot express the joy I had.

He would be my perfect little man.

With each month that passed I became more anxious.

Nine months flew by and no baby was by my side.

He was still parked, snuggled inside my womb

So now I had to find a way to urge him to vacate the premises

I took some cod liver oil, then caster oil,

No luck there so I took to





crying and then


No matter what I said or did he just wasn’t budging

So I took a trip to the doctor’s office

She was busy birthing other babies

But here is what her assistant said to me

“Sorry my dear, we must have been wrong,”

Maybe he’s not really due for another week or two

My mouth dropped low and I fell into the chair crying

Asking how am I to carry him another week or two?

I have no strength and my patience is gone, I nearly fainted.

With a glass of water in hand I sat patiently waiting for the doctor

When she arrived she calmed me down and said “we were not wrong”

Your young man just doesn’t want to leave

So, it’s now time to help him

Soon I felt the prick of a needle to urge his arrival

I was sent back to pacing the hospitals white marble floors

Drinking glasses of water to calm the cramping

Three hours later still no little man

With one more shot then propped in a bed

Laying patiently, well anxiously,

Finally the real labor began

It was quite painful for me,

but I knew I had to keep working

I begged him to please just work with me

and at 6:12pm on June 3, 1990 my little man graced me with his presence

Every painful moment was worth the smile, followed by the screams

Now 21 years later we celebrate that my little boy is now a man

I thank you sweetie for making me the happiest mother in the universe

Welcome to adulthood

My Little Boy Is Now A Man©

Copyright 2014 – 2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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