The Me Inside Myself©


There once was a man who fell in love with my voice

We would speak every day

Sometimes up to 10 times

He told me that my voice was so calming and enchanting

I mesmerized him to the point that he could no longer concentrate on his work

This went on for three months until he decided he could no longer bear not seeing me

Both of us jolted with excitement for our appointed rendezvous

We agreed to both wear black pants and a red sweater so it would be easy to recognize each other

Once we arrived at our spot

His back was to me

I eagerly placed my hands over his eyes

Laying a gentle kiss upon his ear as I Whisper “Hello”

With excitement he spun around

To my disappointment seeing the look in his eyes

It was clear to me that he couldn’t see

The me inside myself

All he could see was the color of my skin

The voice on the phone didn’t give away my color

With no words he was gone in the night as if he had never come

No more calls ever came

I wonder who mesmerize’s him now

The Me Inside Myself©

Copyright 2015-2018

by Felina Silver Robinson

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