The Assault© (This piece is rated 18+)

His dirty hands upon my flesh, searching aimlessly caressing my young, untouched body. His rancid breath blowing against my ear, his pugnant overwhelmingly harsh cologne clogged my airway. Closing my eyes allowed me to disappear inside myself. I had tried to escape his grasp, but he bound my hands behind my back. He stuffed his handkerchief in my mouth which smelled of old musty cigars. He put his mouth on mine, somehow despite the handkerchief in my mouth, I was able to bite his lip as he attempted to put his mouth on mine. Even though, I received a black eye for biting his lip, it was better than having to live with the memory of his breath. Before he could go any further, I took a chance and kneed him in his groin, while he attended to himself, I ran away into the night never looking back. Thankfully, he didn’t follow me. I arrived home with my hands still bound with his handkerchief in my mouth. My sister asked no questions while she cut me loose and ungagged me. I ran into the bathroom where I stayed for the next hour trying to conform myself. I never told her what happened and I don’t think she dared to ask.

The Assault©

Copyright 2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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