A Dark Cloud Hangs Over Me©

The Artist is unknown to me

(Note to reader: I find a picture I like and write a poem about what I see. Hope you enjoy)

This is what I see…Felina Silver Robinson

I hang my head low every day

Because no one has nice things to say

They make threats to harm me should I tell anyone

I have no desire to show my face

I’m embarrassed by the paint they’ve thrown on me

They call me ugly

Tell me I’m worthless

And that no one will ever love me

The sad truth is

They are all my family

So if they don’t care

Why would I believe that anyone else does

This is why

I hang my head low

Hoping someday soon

The dark cloud

That hangs over my head

Will just suddenly disappear

And everyone will see the real me

With a smile upon my face

A Dark Cloud Hangs Over Me©

Copyright 2015-2018

by Felina Silver Robinson


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