The Darker Side of You©

While I’ve searched my soul to see if I was happy, I noticed that some of those I know and care for are digging really deep within themselves, in search of who they are. Seemingly unsatisfied with themselves, they resort to various forms of disfiguring their bodies. I liked who they were, but I don’t have to live in their skin. They soon come to realize that their attempts to change their inside may not allow them to live, they value their life more than finding another self. Little did they know that the person that has emerged, despite their darkness, is stronger, and more confident than ever before. Without knowing, they changed who they are, and will never go back for they are forever changed, we often struggle to find a better self. We often hurt ourselves in the process. Don’t try to be what others hope for you to be, for your struggles will be endless and may lead to your end. Live for yourself, for when you are happy, others are happy for you.

The Darker Side of You©

Copyright 2013-2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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