Going, Going, Gone!©

Many sleepless nights

My thoughts keep getting in the way

Flashes of my past

Of all those I’ve known

Those I’ve loved

Those who’ve helped raise me

Those who have taught me

Those who befriended me

Those who I’ve adored

All passing by me as I lay at rest

I can see their mouths moving

But I can’t hear their words

I’m so frustrated now I can’t even move

I try to follow them

But they keep disappearing

So I follow once more

It’s a vicious circle

With no end in sight

I wonder if I should just open my eyes

But then I fear the worst

That they will be…

Going, going, gone!

And I would be right back where I started


Without those I’ve loved

All passing by me

Going faster, and faster and faster


There is no one left but me

Even lonelier

Than before

Going, Going, Gone!©

Copyright 2014-2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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