Some good

Some bad

Some dirty

Some clean

Some selfish

Some generous


What are they all about

Mine is my obsession

To be clean


and keep everything in its place

This cn be good

This can be bad

But for me

It’s what I’m all about

Others smoke

It’s not pretty

It’s not clean

It’s not even sophisticated as once thought

It hurts

It cripples

It kills


like drinking and drugs

Eat you up inside

It even eats away at your skin on the outside

This isn’t pretty

This isn’t neat

and most of all it’s not cool

It is a lesson

That all habits are not good

Most cause more harm than good

so if you must have a


Make sure that

It does not hurt

It does not kill

It does not sicken

For the life you take

May not be your own

Is that


of yours really worth it


Copyright 2013-2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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