She Stands Firmly…©

You stare into her big baby blues

With the smell of another’s perfume upon your skin

Her ruby red lipstick pressed firmly on your shirt collar

Her fingernail scratches clearly showing at the start of your neck

She dares herself to question you

But you blurt out your apology

Begging for forgiveness for your act of betrayal

She stands in a daze wishing she was anywhere but here

Not looking forward to more of his excuses

Suddenly she finds herself standing her ground

With everything she has

She kicks him out of the house we built together with their our own two hands

Reminding him of all he’s lost

Wondering just how many other women will find themselves where your are now

You know now that you deserve more than anything he could ever offer

So firmly you stand on your own two feet

She Stands Firmly…©

Copyright 2016-2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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