The Story of my life©

Helen Keller – Photograph by Marshall, 1902

The Story of my life©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2013-2018

I sit here with my head in my lap

Rocking to and fro

Trembling in fear

As to how you will see me

I’m due to read before you

The story of my life

I’m not sure how you will judge me

I wonder if I should care

I’ve been ostracized my entire life

No one has truly seen where I’ve been or how far I’ve come

My trials and tribulations are a part of me

But they don’t define me

My actions define me

The person I’ve become is remarkable

Considering all that’s happened

I watch so many others lose themselves

Never to break out of their shell

Fearing a lack of acceptance

Fearing that there is no place for them

Fearing their own demise

Fearing all that is before them

Fear leaves us with no place to go

Nothing to see

And no one to know

I straighten out my legs

I stand tall

I wash my face

Clear my throat

And I’m on my way

To share with you

The story of my life

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