In My Little Town©

In My Little Town…

Everyone knows your name

They know you’re not all the same

They like you because you’re different

you’re something and someone who brings change to their lives

Everyone has a cause

Sometimes you’re their cause

Everyone always needs to know what’s going on

Especially when it doesn’t concern them

Sometimes they want to lend a helping hand

Sometimes they want to know how they can avoid you

Some of them are genuinely kind

Others can’t wait for you to walk away so the can gossip about you

Some won’t even wait until you’re far enough away so you can’t hear them

Some just don’t care and really just want to hurt you

In My Little Town…

There’s no on streetparking

There’s no using plastic bags or styrofoam

There is no serving veal

There is no trans fat

There’s no buying cigarettes until you’re 19

Even though you can vote at 18

At least you know now,

that you’ll probably outlive all of your fiends

In My Little Town…

They teach you not to bully

They teach you to defend yourself

They teach you to help out others

They teach you to aid in disaster

They teach you to grow up

In My Little Town…

Some people come from money

Some people never have money

Some people work hard for their money

Some never have to work for their money

Some people take money for granted

In My Little Town…

There are so many people chasing a dream

A dream of a happy place

Where their children can

learn without fear

sleep without fear

live without fear

In My Little Town…

There’s always hope

Hope for today

Hope for tomorrow

Hope for the future

In My Little Town…

I feel safe

In My Little Town©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright 2014-2018©

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