Caught Up In Fearing You©

There are no words that can tell the true story of my pain which aches my every limb. I stand paralyzed with fear at the very mention of your name. Even a random shadow makes the hair stand up at the nape of my neck. You casted a spell that will last till the end of time, not allowing me to find happiness. I pray every night that the pain will end. I pray for the tears to stop as I no longer desire to be fearful of you.

Those eyes of yours make me run and hide. I know what will come next if I let you near me. That is something I just can’t continue to allow. So I will stop you dead in your tracks, just as you did to me. I will take away your power leaving you as powerless as I once was. I will not take your place, but I will give you mine, knocking you off your high horse.

Now, I’m no longer paralyzed by fear. What’s even better, I no longer fear you!

Caught Up In Fearing You©

Copyright 2016-2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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