A Day in the Life of ME! – My Birthday Call from Mom©

This morning I was scanning papers to file away on my computer when I decided to clean some of the stored messages on my home voice mail. The last voicemail was one from my mom sent on last years birthday. Historically my mom always called us and sang happy birthday to us.  Immediately, I started balling because this year, that call never came. My mom suffered a stroke before Christmas this past year and even having any kind of phone conversation is almost possible. On my birthday I of course had to hear from her and my dad new it, he must have felt it. He called me to wish me a happy birthday and after almost 12 minutes of back and forth with mom, he was able to get her on the phone. We had a 10 minute conversation, which I wish was recorded so I could hold onto it. Phone calls with mom just don’t happen like they use to. I thought of that phone call my entire birthday. Now, here I am again, holding on to that phone call and now a birthday message that’s more than a year old. I still can’t stop crying. I realize now, just how much life has changed for her, for me, my dad, my siblings and my children. I’m happy that she is still hanging on, but I’m still mourning how things use to be and fearing they will never be the same again. I suggest for anyone who is angry with a loved one for something small, be careful for the wishes you make upon your relationships because you may regret those wishes as you h©ave no control over their outcome.

A Day in the Life of ME! – My Birthday Call from Mom©




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