The Voice of Reason: Your Honor©

The man you set free today took away my will to live when he attacked me at 12-years-old. He stole my innocence. Now I fear no man will ever want me. I fear I will never be able to love anyone. My heart is broken and I now live in fear. How could you set him free to run among the sea of unsuspecting women? I fear for my life. I fear for all the other women who don’t know what might be coming their way. This doesn’t feel like justice. This feels like a lifetime of punishment for the sins of another man. My only hope is that you will reconsider. I’m hoping that you’ll take him back and put him where he belongs, in a four by four cell with iron bars and cement walls. Only this action would let me sleep at night. It would help me be able to walk the streets knowing that I won’t have to face him again. Judge I hope you hear me. I hope that you feel my pain. Don’t do it just for me, do it for all his potential victims down the road. Your Honor, I thank you for you time and beg for your sympathy.

The Voice of Reason: Your Honor©

Copyright 2014-2018©

By Felina Silver Robinson


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