Sitting with my thoughts again©

Sitting with my thoughts again. Sometimes in the dark. Sometimes in the morning light. Alone in my garden. Meditating in my room. Atop a mountain looking down. I think of all I know, all I must do, all I have left undone. Does any of it matter? Where and how does it all fit in? Sitting with my thoughts again. I remember you. I remember me. I remember us. I remember those that came from us. Then I realize how it matters and how it all fits in. Sitting here with my thoughts again. A smile peaks at the corner of my mouth, so big that it hurts. Such pride there is in knowing something that’s yours that makes you proud. That keeps you going day in and day out. I’m happy to once again be sitting with my thoughts.

Sitting with my thoughts again©

Copyright 2016

By Felina Silver Robinson

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